It’s always interesting predicting the future, and sometimes it feels like a game with the results too distant to be important. However, with rail and metro, the future is never far away. With expanding populations and growing passenger demands in an increasingly urbanised world, metros and urban rail systems are under more pressure than ever to offer a reliable, comfortable and high capacity service to the passenger. An innovative approach is necessary to meet these changing demands and develop a smart, sustainable and competitive transport network.

And this transport network of the future is being delivered by a growth in digital capacities both for mission critical and passenger enhancement. In this new e-book, Building the Digital Transport Network of the Future, we look at some of the most exciting areas – Big Data, automated decision support information, 3D printing, rail ICT, a cautionary note on some of the risks and more. As always with our e-books it is not just another collection of facts and figures or cut and pastes from press releases but an insight into the reality of the direction of our industry; the opportunities and potential but also the challenges still to be overcome.

By downloading this 27 page free e-book, you will:

  • Gain insight into how operators & industry professionals are seeking digital solutions to ensure transport networks overcome rail capacity challenges and pressures of demand.
  • Read exclusive interviews with leading transport executives who reveal how they plan to improve rail services with cutting edge ICT and digital technologies.
  • Learn about a revolutionary new system – Integrale – is changing how rail networks are managed and maintained.
  • Find out about 3D printing, the threat from hackers, how Nomad a true industry leader has changed and grown to match our changing industry plus analysis of future trends.
  • Understand the importance of Big Data and rail from a global expert on this topic.
  • PLUS a bonus chapter – Mission Critical Communications Networks for Rail Operators.